Investigation Report (Lilis)

Investigation Report (Lilis) - Valerie Bodden K(10-0014...

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Valerie Bodden K. (10-0014) Professor Torres Dominican History September 27, 2010 Investigation Report on Ulises Heureaux Summary o Lilis Government was full of corruption, spies, and economic distaster. Since he maintained his power through the extensive web of spies and informants, Lilis wasted all of the government’s money into paying these informants. His government is also known to be extremely violent to any opposition. Through massive corruption and by producing fear amongst the population, Lilis managed to remain in power throughout the years. He also managed to get in loans excessive amounts of money, which were badly administrated and then on lead to the economic failure faced by the government. o Since Lili borrowed so much money from the Juntas de Credito and other international entities, and then used it to pay of his advisors and spies, he left the country in bankruptcy. But when he received any amount of money, instead of helping the Cibao region merchants (which was the region that had more opposition), he helped the sugar cane merchants. This eventually culminated the Cibao region and eventually lead to his assassination. He was also known for murdering,
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sending into exile and incarcerating any type of opposition, which obviously lead to anger. o When elections were getting near, since he had changed the constitution into using electoral boards in the elections, only the people he managed to bribe voted, while the rest (his opposition) were too afraid to vote, he won. o
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Investigation Report (Lilis) - Valerie Bodden K(10-0014...

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