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Embryonic_Stem_Cell(final essay) - Bodden 1 Valerie Bodden...

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Bodden 1 Valerie Bodden Kluge (10-0014) December 4, 2009 Writing Essay Workshop Final Term Paper Embryonic Stem-cell Research Embryonic stem cell research has been a controversial issue since the first time it was introduced to the American society. It is an issue where “politics, religion, and science collide.” (Zoloth) Therefore, in September 2004 the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportations, invited a selected group of doctors to give their testimonials and opinions about the “controversy.” Eloquently explaining the necessity to further improve and allow studies on embryonic steam cell usage, Doctor Laurie Zoloth utilized both a persuasive and didactic tone; strong appeals to logos, subtle yet direct diction as she spoke in front of the Senate. Doctor Zoloth commences her testimony by introducing herself, stating where she worked and the high positions she held inside these institutions strongly appealing to both logic and ethos. By simply mentioning this Zoloth earns the trust she deserves from the Senate. She demonstrates not only that she fully knows and understand embryonic stem cell research, but how qualified she is to give her opinion in front of the American government. Later on she mentioned how she is a “mother of five” and she “worries about the sort of moral universe [she]” her children will live in. She does this so that the audience could identify themselves with her, not simply see her as an unreachable inhuman doctor, but recognize she is the same as everyone else. After exposing her stand on the subject, Zoloth did an excellent job of subtly mentioning how she herself has
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Bodden 2 children and she does worry as well of the type of world they will have to face in a future. Yet this does not change or alter her position in Embryonic Stem Cell research. This was a perfect brief introduction that accepted she understood what citizens and opposes claim to be morally incorrect of the subject. This causes the audience to relate and sympathize with her, to be more proactive and listen to what she actually had to say before closing their minds and not allowing themselves to listen to any further reasoning. All of this simply because she manages to appeal to the pathos of her audience, she levels herself with it. When concluding her speech, she does something very interesting, which is concluding with the most important reasons and several ideas shaped into rhetorical questions to motivate the audience into thinking further of the positive changes allowing this research to continue could bring. This creates sort of a reflection within the audience,
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Embryonic_Stem_Cell(final essay) - Bodden 1 Valerie Bodden...

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