Exercises chpt 1 &2 (Writting Skills)

Exercises chpt 1 &2 (Writting Skills) - Chapter 1. Journal...

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Chapter 1. Journal Writing pg. 2 Topic #2. My most successful writing experience Well, when I think of my most “successful writing experience”, the one that comes quickly to mind is the essay I wrote on my AP Language exam. The topic I can not remember very clearly, but I do know it had something to do about the United State’s budget division. We were given several sources to chose from, we had to use a minimum of 3 sources (if I am not mistaken) and cite them correctly. Although it was a timed exam, I have learned that sometimes I work better under pressure. It turned out a pretty good piece after all. Freewriting Exercise 1.2 pg. 5 A Recent Trip This summer was my last full-long-vacation summer. After everything was over with school, I left for Miami. I stayed at my house a couple of weeks. Shopping. Movies. Cousins. Then Carla, a good friend on mine, came to Miami as well. I went to stay at her house. Home-alone. Publix. When we went upstairs and found the apartment door open out of no-where. Dinners. De Vito’s. Good meals. Bad micro waved pasta (Publix again). Then Luis Manuel, Carla’s boyfriend, showed up out of no-where. Flowers. Candy. Starbucks. Presents. Fun, FUN, fun week at Carla’s house. Then I went back to my house, and left the next day pack to Dominican Republic. My real home. Exercise 1.3 I took a recent trip to Miami last summer because my mother wanted to visit my family. Why did my mother want to go to Miami? Who is Carla, like really? What kind of
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Exercises chpt 1 &2 (Writting Skills) - Chapter 1. Journal...

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