Journal Entries Sept4-10th

Journal Entries Sept4-10th - Bodden 1 Valerie Bodden Kluge...

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Unformatted text preview: Bodden 1 Valerie Bodden Kluge 10-0014 Journal Entries F r iday 4 th of September 2009 Well, this is actually my first journal entry in a while. Obviously I am not used to this kind of writing, I prefer to keep my personal things to myself. Today was a normal day until a professor assigned the task to keep a daily journal. I did not know what to do, the thing I have always resigned to do. I mean I tend to be good at writing all sorts of things, everything, except journal entries. So there I stood, blank faced, staring at him who kept talking, but the only thing I heard was weekly journal. The class ended and I quickly rushed home. I ran up the stairs, ate, and began planning what I was going to do that night. I think Im going to one of my best friends birthday party. Lets see. Saturday 5 th of September 2009 Today I woke up pretty late. I had not noticed how exhausted I was. I fell asleep last night, slept through the whole night, ignored my ringing telephone, and woke up late today. In a moment I will go out to eat with my mother and then meet with a friend. I just came back from meeting with my friend; we had SO much fun. We went to Caribbean Coffee to sit and talk, and we stayed half of the Bodden 2 afternoon talking about everything that you could imagine. Tonight a group of us are going to a restaurant to have dinner. I hope we have fun as well. Sunday 6 th of September 2009 Yesterday was amazing, one of those random nights where you end up going to places where you had a LONG time without going. Today I woke up late again (Sunday), but now its time to do the homework and everything assigned for class. Geez this weekend ended fast. Monday 7 th of September 2009 Unibe was as usual, same people, same classes. I got home, ate, and fell asleep. I dont know why, but I am feeling exhausted recently, like if I cannot get enough sleep at all. Now its time for me to do my homework and then, sleeping time again, finally. Tuesday 8 th of September 2009 I think I am getting a cold. My mother is sick, she came down with a flue a couple of days ago and I am almost certain that I am catching it myself. God I hate being sick. Its like one of those feelings where you cannot do anything about them, you feel useless, impotent. I hate feeling limited and tired. I hope I get well soon, I mean I really do, or that maybe just maaayybe I am being paranoid, I hope to God I am....
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Journal Entries Sept4-10th - Bodden 1 Valerie Bodden Kluge...

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