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Valerie Bodden-naturevsnurture - Valerie Bodden 10-0014...

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Valerie Bodden 10-0014 Essay and Writing Workshop October 16, 2009 Nature or Nurture The theory of nurture implies that one develops as a proper human beings influences exerted by others, in other words, one learns throughout what one is taught and experiences through interactions with others. Nature vs. Nurture has been an ongoing scientific and social topic of investigations and debates, which has not been concluded. Although each side has their own strong arguments, the development of human beings in my personal opinion, depends strongly on nurture, and one can find many supporting details and examples throughout history to back this theory up. The best case that backs up the nurture theory is the Second World War, more specifically, the Holocaust. Nature explains that humans are born with all the necessary characteristics and traits needed to mold us into what we are. Yet how can they explain this particular event? The massive murder of millions of innocent for the sole reason of their race, the upside-down turn of a whole society, a whole country, into massive
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Valerie Bodden-naturevsnurture - Valerie Bodden 10-0014...

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