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Name of Delegation: Costa Rica Committee: ECOSOC Topic: The role of globalization in helping people out of poverty in a sustainable manner. Delegates: Charles de Mondesert Globalization is the process by which the world unites to form a single society. This process of globalization makes the world communicate in a faster and more effective way. There are all types of globalization, for example economic globalization, which is when two nations unite to provide economic help to each other. Currently Costa Rica is the 2 nd most globalized nation in all of South and Central America. Through globalization Costa Rica wants to achieve justice for corruption, for international trade and relations, also in access to technology, and in labor relationships, will allow them to fight against poverty. Costa Rica’s biggest threat is poverty, since the
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Unformatted text preview: poorest 20% of Costa Rica only held’s 4% of the total income per day. In 1998 during one of Costa Rica’s biggest crises about 9.6% of the people fell under the World Bank’s poverty line, that is set in less than 1 us dollar per day. The delegation of Costa Rica has thought of the following measures, the elimination of all free trade agreements, because this remove the taxes a country can make from exporting goods is reduced, this also helps the exporting countries because they will not have the need to give fake or unreal prices for those goods. And the creation of a world wide common wealth whose main purpose is to help those in need due to poverty....
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