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KIC000077 - D'r\~V-prof ItfA ~ibs-VDCr YIlfl1<t<i...

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Part 2: Find a partner. (a) Compare and discuss your two "pies". (b) Consider a new Job Performance pie below. Jointly, make a list of the factors that you think determine job performance. Then, divide this new pie into parts/slices that correspond, proportionately, to the impact each factor has on job performance. (You may want to make rough drafts first). Your new pie need not be consistent with your first pie. Be prepared to show your completed pie to the group.
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Unformatted text preview: D'r\~V -prof ItfA. ~ibs-VDCr YIlfl1, <t<i Ie,-..m ':nC Sto Qt./() VI [ Job Performance----=-:.------•--------------------IIIIIII!l. Concept Mapping Exercise • Part 1: Consider Job Performance as the "pie" below. Using dashed lines, cut a slice out of the pie corresponding to the amount of variation in job performance that you believe job satisfaction accounts for. Shade your slice. j I I / / { I , J I I 1 I / I Job Performance...
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KIC000077 - D'r\~V-prof ItfA ~ibs-VDCr YIlfl1<t<i...

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