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Baseline Quiz on Employee Motivation Please indicate whether each statement is generally "true" or "false". L I. Empl?yee performance is almost solely determined by motivation. S I \ek l. r 2. In trying' to decide how to motivate an employee. the best strategy is to offer something that you, personally, would like to receive as a reward. '3\icltS f-'6 L 3. One thing experts agree upon is that money is a universal motivator. 9 \Jt., \\ F 4. Managers should not concern themselves with their employees' needs because such needs are internal-and not visible t~ managers. '3\1 k \ 1.\: . L 5. People seldom think about how their effort and performance are related to the - rewards they receive. S\\~ \ \.0 . L 6. When it comes to motivation, the best management advice is to reward all employees equally.
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Unformatted text preview: slick 20 ~ 7. Most people are more concerned with the size of their own salary than with the-salary of others. ')\\de:. 22-2.'5-L 8. Asking su~ordinat~s to "do your best" is a more effective motivational device than developmg specific performance standards .5i,tl-tS Zl--E L 9. When subordinates make mistakes at work, it is best to punish them publicly. The humiliation will make them try harder the next time. ~\ J.. 3 J lere.)) 2.-33 rIO. It is best to wait until the next formal performance appraisal time to tell people-'that their job performance is below standard. F 11. Managers should identify one motivational strategy that works for them and ~ "stick with it".' S\ iek-31-...
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