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371 Review Sheet-Third Exam Exam April 29th (last regular class meeting) I will be available during final exam week to go over the exam. Call or email me for an appointment. I will try to post grades by May 6 th . 8 Questions: Absenteeism (lecture) 8 Questions: Turnover (lecture) 6 Questions: Stress (lecture and text) 5 Questions from Chapter 18 (text) 1 Questions from Chapter 19 (text) 31 Questions There is no need to memorize cost figures associated with absenteeism and turnover but it is important to know what categories of expenses are more costly than others (i.e., what percentage each cost is ofthe total). Do know average percentages of absenteeism, turnover, etc. Know strategies for managing absenteeism, turnover
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Unformatted text preview: and stress Know recommendations for improving understanding of absenteeism and turnover Material from lecture is especially emphasized. Text (I) Vocabulary words in margin (2) You are responsible for all of the assigned reading unless it is specifically exempted (a) Chapter 18: Human Resource Policies Can skip section Exhibit 18-3, Grade Inflation and 18-4, Work Life Initiatives (b) Chapter 19: Organizational Change and Stress Management Can skip section Exhibit 19-1, Forces for Change, 19-2 Sources of Resistance to Change, 19-5 Kotter's 8-step plan, and Exhibit 19-6, Characteristics of a Learning Organization (c) Chapter 4 (p. 117-118)...
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