KIC000084 - Chapter 18 1 Work sample tests creating...

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1. Change- making things different 2. Planned change- change activities that are intentional and goal-oriented 3. Change agents- persons who act as catalysts and assumethe responsibility for managing change activities 4. Unfreezing- change efforts to overcome the pressures of both individual resistance and group conformity 5. Movement- a change process that transforms the organization from the status quo to a desired end state 6. Refreezing- stabilizing a change intervention by balancing driving and restraining forces 7. Driving forces- forces that direct behavior away from the status quo 8. Restraining forces- forces that hinder movement from the existing equilibrium 9. Action research4 a change process based on systematic collection of data and then selection of a change action based on what the analyzed data indicate 10. Organizational development(OD)- a collection of planned change interventions, built on humanistic-democratic values, that seeksto improve organizational effectiveness and employee well-being 11. Sensitivity training- training groups that seek to change behavior through unstructured group
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KIC000084 - Chapter 18 1 Work sample tests creating...

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