JobSheet 09 - Job Sheet 9 9 Name _ Date _ Transmission...

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Task Completed Job Sheet 9 Name _______________________________________ Date ________________________ Transmission Cooler Inspection and Flushing Upon completion of this job sheet, you should be able to inspect, test, and flush the cooler system for an automatic transmission. ASE Correlation This job sheet is related to the ASE Automatic Transmission and Transaxle Test’s Content Area: In-Vehicle Transmission and Transaxle Repair. Tasks: Check condition of engine cooling system: inspect, test, flush, and replace transmission cooler, lines, and fittings. Tools and Materials A vehicle with an automatic transmission Various lengths of rubber hose or transaxle Drain pan Line wrenches Compressed air and air nozzle Tubing cutter Supply of clean solvent or mineral spirits Tubing flaring kit Lint-free shop towels ATF pressure tester Service manual Describe the vehicle that was assigned to you: Year _________ Make ____________________________ VIN ___________________ Model __________________________________________________________________ Model and type of transmission ______________________________________________ Procedure 1. Remove the transmission dipstick and describe the condition, smell, and color of the fluid. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 2. Open the radiator cap (after the engine is cooled down) and check the coolant for traces of ATF. Also check the cap and gasket for signs of ATF. Record your findings. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 3.
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JobSheet 09 - Job Sheet 9 9 Name _ Date _ Transmission...

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