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Job Sheet 17 Name _______________________________________ Date ________________________ Reassembly of a Transmission/Transaxle Upon completion of this job sheet, you should be able to properly measure and set endplay and preload during the assembly of a transmission or transaxle. ASE Correlation This job sheet is related to the ASE Automatic and Transaxle Test’s Content Areas: Off- Vehicle Transmission Repair; Removal, Disassembly, and Assembly and Gear Train, Shafts, Bearings, and Case. Tasks: Assemble transmission/transaxle and measure endplay or preload; determine necessary action. Tools and Materials Basic hand tools Air nozzle Special tools for the transmission Micrometer Clean ATF in a tray Dial indicator Petroleum jelly Describe the transmission that was assigned to you and the vehicle it came out of: Year _________ Make ____________________________ Model __________________ VIN _______________________ Engine size and type ___________________________ Model and type of transmission ______________________________________________ Procedure 1. Before proceeding with the final assembly of all components, it is important to verify that the case, housing, and parts are clean and free from dust, dirt, and foreign matter. 2. Coat all parts with the proper type of ATF. Soak bands and clutches in the fluid for at least 15 minutes before installing them. All new seals and rings should have been installed before beginning final assembly. 3. Examine all thrust washers carefully and coat them with petroleum jelly before placing them in the housing. 4. Install the thrust ring, piston return spring, thrust washer, and one-way clutch inner race into the case. Align and start the bolts into the inner race from the rear of the case. Torque the bolts to specifications. What are the specifications? ____________________________________________________________________ Task Completed 17
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Reassembly of a Transmission/Transaxle (continued) 5. Lubricate and install the rear piston into the case. 6. After determining the correct number of friction and steel plates, install the steel dished plate first, then the steel and friction plates, and finally the retaining plate and snap-ring. How many steels did you have? ____________________________________________________________________ 7. Using a suitable blowgun with a rubber tapered tip, air check the rear brake operation. What were the results? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 8. After the rear brake has been completely assembled, measure the clearance between the snap ring and the retainer plate. Select the proper thickness of retaining plate that will give the correct ring to plate clearance if the measurement does not meet the specified limits. What were the results? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 9.
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JobSheet 17 - Job Sheet 17 17 Name Date Reassembly of a...

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