JobSheet 22 - Job Sheet 22 Name _ 22 Date _ Service a Valve...

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Job Sheet 22 Name _______________________________________ Date ________________________ Service a Valve Body Upon completion of this job sheet, you should be able to disassemble, clean, inspect, and reassemble a valve body. ASE Correlation This job sheet is related to the ASE Automatic Transmission and Transaxle Test’s Content Area: In-Vehicle Transmission and Transaxle Repair. Tasks: Inspect valve body mating surfaces, bores, valves, springs, sleeves, retainers, brackets, check balls, screens, spacers, and gaskets; replace as necessary. Check and adjust valve body bolt torque. Tools and Materials An automatic transmission or transaxle on a bench Supply of clean solvent Compressed air and air nozzle Lint-free shop towels Inch-pound torque wrench Service manual Measuring calipers Describe the transmission being worked on: Model and type of transmission ______________________________________________ Year _________ Make ____________________________ VIN ___________________ Model __________________________________________________________________ Procedure 1. Remove the valve body attaching screws from the transmission. Start at the outside bolts and work toward the center if the service manual does not give specific instructions. 2.
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JobSheet 22 - Job Sheet 22 Name _ 22 Date _ Service a Valve...

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