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Student Tool Kits Any job in the automotive field will require you to own your own set of tools . This list is only a suggestion of a well rounded basic tool kit. Most shops have larger or specialty tools on hand for the entire shop to share. It is not uncommon for a technician over the years to end up with over $30,00 in tools! Realistically expect to spend somewhere between $1,500 and $2,500 to start out with a decent tool set. Sears and Snap-On often have sales on sets of tools, along with credit to buy them with. Avoid 100 piece (etc. .) sets - almost 1/2 of the tools if they are standard will never get used! Use quality tools with a lifetime guarantee, make sure that you can easily exchange the tool in event of breakage. Some tool companies require you to send the tool back, this only creates downtime for you. Quality tools may cost more but are well worth the money in the long run. Poor quality tools can break, and damage the item you are working on, or worse hurt you. Craftsman (available at Sears) are decent tools to start out with. Other brands like Snap- On, Mac, or Matco can usually only be purchased through a tool distributor. Most tool distributors come once a week to your place of work, and at that point you can buy, trade in, or exchange tools. Tool distributors often allow you to run a tab, and you pay it off in part each week. This makes it easier to build up your tool set. Try not to “impulse” buy tools, carefully think about it. Ask yourself “How does this feel? Can this be used on more than one job?
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student_tool_list - Student Tool Kits Any job in the...

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