Design for a CHARTER SCHOOL rev03 - Describe it fully and...

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Chapter 7 Activity -  Design for a CHARTER SCHOOL (Two class sessions) We are going to consider the qualities of an  ideal school  that we are calling a  Charter School .  It will be a group project (no more than 5 people per group).   You will be grouped  according to the level you are considering teaching, i.e. preschool, elementary, middle school, or  secondary.  Pick one person to be the facilitator for your group (keeps group on task and helps group  agree on task assignments), and one to be the recorder (writes down what needs to be recorded). Process :  First, you must agree on the philosophy you want to manifest for your school.  Then you  must develop a mission statement. This is to state what you are trying to accomplish and must include  the theme of the school. (See handout for examples)
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Unformatted text preview: Describe it fully and in detail. Include the following: • What special characteristics should it have? • What grades and ages are targeted? • How many children should it serve? • Describe the locale of your school? • Describe the staff. • Describe a typical day. Presentation to the class : Each group member must do some part of the presentation. You should include a full description of your school, including all the above points. Show a poster that should include the exterior of the school, drawn or from photos you have found, and floor plans. This must be all original work. Include your summary of your contribution to this project in your assessment portfolio....
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Design for a CHARTER SCHOOL rev03 - Describe it fully and...

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