Ed201 Final assignment - teach a lesson

Ed201 Final assignment - teach a lesson - or a recipe or...

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Dr. P Goldentyer Education 201 END of TERM – FINAL ASSIGNMENT Several experienced teachers have told me, when I told them I am teaching Foundations of Education, that this course was most memorable to them because they had the opportunity to teach a lesson to the class. I have been mulling this over and have decided to permit you to take exams 3 and 4 as take-home tests, and for us to use our last regular class and final time for you to teach a lesson to the class. THE ASSIGNMENT : - Prepare and deliver before the class a five-ten minute lesson on any subject that you want (as long as it is appropriate for a public college and does not offend). Most helpful to you would be something relating to the area that you are interesting in teaching in your career, but not limited to that. It could be as varied as being about a hobby,
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Unformatted text preview: or a recipe, or even a dance step. But it should be something you care about enough to make your experience a meaningful one for you. Prepare a one-page handout to be distributed to the other members of the class, which if you get to me, before the last week of class, I can probably get copied for you at no cost. Since we have been emphasizing working collaboratively all semester, if two of you want to work together, and both teach the lesson together , as team teaching , that would be permissible. Submit two topics to me, indicating your first choice, our first class after Thanksgiving. I will give you the OK for the one I think will work best. This should be very exciting, and I look forward to learning a lot from your lessons....
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