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Ed 201 Activity - Chapter 4 Early History 03

Ed 201 Activity - Chapter 4 Early History 03 - Take notes...

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ED.201 - ACTIVITY CHAPTER 4 – EARLY HISTORY OF EDUCATION IN AMERICA Form groups of six . Pick new people with whom you have not already worked. Introduce yourself and record everyone’s name. Each take a number 1 to 6. There are two parts of the assignment: First, look at the chart in the handout: Influence of European Thinkers. Notice that there are six boxes, each containing a name. Number downwards, 1 – 6. (1 = Comenius, 2 = Locke, etc). Research your number. Take no more than 15 minutes to find in the chapter about this person and their ideas.
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Unformatted text preview: Take notes and then you will present it to your group and discuss the ways we see this influence in education currently (what “vestiges” means). By next class , prepare at home, and be ready to describe to your group members as follows: (Do the same number you did above.) 1. Education in the Southern colonies and education of slaves. 2. Education in the Middle Atlantic Colonies 3. Education in New England 4. The Role of Religion in Education 5. Education of Native Americans 6. Education for women...
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