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ED 201 Ch 5 Activity - Recent History

ED 201 Ch 5 Activity - Recent History - groups Number 1...

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ED 201 - CHAPTER 5 ACTIVITY EDUCATION IN AMERICA – THEN AND NOW Again we will divide the contents of the chapter. You are responsible for preparing two segments of information as follows to present to the others in your group. This chapter requires groups of 7. I will give you your number. Record your number and group here #________Group_______. Then prepare this assignment at home and bring to next class . Part 1 . Look at the boxes on page 115 of the text. You are assigned to cover the topics in the box with your number. Listed below is the first topic in the box, but you should cover all topics listed in your assigned box. Number 1. End of Slavery 2. Industrialization 3. Reconceptualization of schooling 4. Curriculum Reforms 5. Progressive social and Educational Reforms 6. Developments in Science and Industry 7. National and International Events. Part 2: Who are: We the People”? Starting on p.120 of the text, find out about these different
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Unformatted text preview: groups: Number 1. Native Americans 2. European Americans 3. African Americans 4. Hispanic Americans 5. Asian Americans 6. Exceptional Learners 7. American Women 1 You have the same number in each part. All the information you need to cover the basics is in the chapter of the text. Take notes and summarize your topics, so that you can prepare a short presentation for your group that covers the material. You may expand on the material from outside sources, but you must give credit to the source. Feel free to make a little handout – you will need 7 copies. In class, form your new group; introduce yourselves and record people’s names. WHEN PRESENTING, DO NOT READ DIRECTLY FROM THE BOOK. It is boring and disrespectful to the other group members and should be considered in their evaluations. 2...
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ED 201 Ch 5 Activity - Recent History - groups Number 1...

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