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LEARNING STYLES 2003 During our professional development day, we heard a lot about Learning Styles. So I did a computer search to see what I could find to share with you. After investigating a lot of different websites, I found one excellent one that combines many of the attributes of a lot of the separate ones. Assignment – Go to Http:/ /www.oswego.edu/~shindler/lstyle.htm Check out the different theories; take one of the instruments to find
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Unformatted text preview: your own learning style; I found the PLSI easy to take and to score (you have to download a score sheet); see what you can find out is the best way to work with your learning style; see if you can you find any famous people who share this same learning style (mine was George Washington); follow lots of links. What useful information did you find out from this exploration? Bring this to next class. Dr. Goldentyer...
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