Ed 201 CHAPTER 4 fall 03 - Life in Colonial Schools...

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CHAPTER 4 – EDUCATION IN AMERICA – THE EARLY YEARS After reading Chapter 4 you should be able to answer the following: What European thinkers influenced education? ( know main point about each) Comenius: Value of structure Locke and Rousseau: Enlightened views Pestalozzi and Herbart: Encouraging development Froebel: Start early What was the influence of informal education before the Civil War? ( main points) In the Southern colonies In the middle Atlantic colonies In New England A National view of education What were the aims of education? ( main points) Role of Religion Industry affects education Education of Slaves Ed. For Native Americans Ed. In Spain’s American colonies Ed. for women Ed. For people with disabilities How did formal education develop in the United States before the Civil War?
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Unformatted text preview: Life in Colonial Schools Monitorial Method/American Lyceum 1 Latin School/ English Academy Development of Public Schools Leaders of movement for Universal Education Proliferation of Parochial Schools Growth of Institutions of Higher Education Vocabulary and key terms to know: Apprenticeship Land grant schools Dame schools Hidden passage Assimilation Mission schools Monitorial method Lyceum Latin grammar schools English Academy Common schools Universal schooling Normal schools Parochial schools 2 Seminaries Note #1: Also know something about each of the people whose picture is in the chapter, or whose name is in boldtype. Note #2: Review the Benchmarks at the end of each chapter 3...
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Ed 201 CHAPTER 4 fall 03 - Life in Colonial Schools...

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