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ED 201 CHAPTER 11 - o Joining Unions o Job security o...

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EDUCATION 201 CHAPTER 9 – THE INFLUENCE OF THE LAW What you should know: How does government influence Education? Be able to describe the influence of the several branches of Government on Education What Legal Principles Affect Public Education? What are Parents’ Rights and Responsibilities? Analyze cases related to key issues concerning parents rights and responsibilities regarding: o Religion and the schools o Corporal punishment o Special situations What are Students Rights and Responsibilities? Analyze cases related to key issues concerning student rights and responsibilities regarding: o Religion in public schools o Privacy issues o Search and seizure o Due Process o Student Expression 1
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o Illegal Discrimination What are Teachers’ Rights and Responsibilities? Analyze cases related to key issues concerning teacher rights and responsibilities regarding:
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Unformatted text preview: o Joining Unions o Job security o Personal life o Copyright violations o Negligence – different types o Child abuse and neglect What are the Rights and Responsibilities of School Districts? • Analyze cases related to key issues concerning school district rights and responsibilities regarding: o Balancing Academic Freedom o Equal treatment o Accountability o Sexual harassment o School choice – vouchers Terms to know: Establishment clause 2 Free exercise clause Equal protection clause Equal Access Act – (EAA) Due process of law Lemon test In loco parentis Buckley Amendment Dismissal Negligence Contributory negligence Comparative negligence Assumption of risk Civil Rights Act of 1964 Bilingual Act of 1974 3...
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ED 201 CHAPTER 11 - o Joining Unions o Job security o...

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