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Using the Q drive - both the “Q” drive and an Internet...

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Dr. P. Goldentyer USING THE “Q” DRIVE The “Q” drive is a within-school, read-only drive. I have placed a folder on the “Q” drive for this class that will contain various assignments, references and presentations. To access the folder for your class, 1. Click on the icon that is called “ Shared academic… When it opens, you will see a number of different folders. 2. Click on the folder called “ Behavioral Science” , 3. Then on the folder labeled, “pgoldentyer”, 4. Then on the one labeled Ed. 201. You will see a number of items, some with a “W” , which tells you this is a word-processed document, like any handout. As a matter of fact, I usually put any paper that I have composed on the “Q” drive, in case the handout is misplaced, so a duplicate can be downloaded. Some items have a little “N” or a picture of a ship’s wheel or a blue lower case “e” . These are linked to the Internet , providing you are on a computer has an Internet connection. Computer classrooms have computers with
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Unformatted text preview: both the “Q” drive, and an Internet connection on the same machines. Elsewhere in the college, these two functions may have been separated, to prevent students from monopolizing the computers. If this is the case, you can copy any Internet linked assignments from the machine with the “Q” drive to a floppy disc, and move to a different one with the Internet connection. Save as HTML. Also, since you cannot access the “Q” drive from your home computer, you can also copy items from the “Q” drive to your floppy disc, and then work at home. Other items have a little square on them, which looks something like a little TV screen. These are Power Point presentations that I have developed on several of our topics, and to which I may refer you during the semester. In school, when you make an Internet connection, you open to the Community College homepage. On the “Go to” line, type http//:www.yahoo.com. In all our Internet work, we will proceed from there....
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