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Chapter 6: School Governance etc. Educational lobbies and Special Interest groups Team group Internet project: There are a number of special Interest groups that sometimes take positions about educational issues. See pages 222-224. Each member of the work team will research one of the organizations, and report to the other members of their work group. Familiarize yourself with the organization and their positions, particularly around Education. Your oral report is to be no longer than five minutes. You may download information, if you wish. Nothing needs to be handed in to me, but, remember, your
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Unformatted text preview: classmates are counting on you to do a good job. Person #1 – American Association of University Women – (AAUW) http:// www.aauw.org/ Person #2 – American Civil Liberties Union – (ACLU) http://www.aclu org/ Person #3 – Anti-Defamation League – (ADL) http://www.adl.org/ Person #4 – Daughters of the American Revolution – (DAR) http://www.dar.org/ Person #5 – National Organization for Women (Legal Defense & Education Fund) – (NOW) http://www.now.org/now Person #6 – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) - http:www.naacp.org...
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