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USING THE INTERNET - Netscape(the icon for the Internet...

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USING THE INTERNET Only computers in regular classrooms have both Internet access and the “Q” drive. The others have either one or the other. A. From machines that run both programs: 1. Start Internet by clicking on the Internet icon, 2. When CCP page is on screen, on the location line, type q: (no http, no www, just q:) 3. Hit enter. 4. A list of all the folders on the “q” drive will appear. (All subsequent screens will show lists) 5. Click on the one that says Behavioral Science. Then click on the one that says pgoldentyer. Then click on the line for Ed201 , then internet assignments . In this folder you will find many assignments and references for this class. When the assignment is for the Internet , you may see that some names are in another color, usually blue. These are links , and when you click on them, if you have started
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Unformatted text preview: Netscape (the icon for the Internet connection), you will be connected directly to the website you are seeking. B. From machines with only “Q” drive: 1. Open Microsoft Office 97 (click icon) 2. Open Microsoft word (Click icon) 3. Click Open existing file – second icon from the left 4. When dialogue screen opens, where it says “Look in”, it now says “My Documents” 5. Click on the little arrow to the right and move down from “My Documents” to”Shared on Academic Use” (the Q drive) 6. Double click, then use procedure as above. If you want to work from home, you will first have to use a school computer, because the Q drive is only accessible in school. You can find the URLs (the addresses for the websites), by holding the pointer over the link, but not clicking, or in our textbook....
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USING THE INTERNET - Netscape(the icon for the Internet...

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