TEACHER INTERVIEW rev 03 - D r. P. Goldentyer E ducation...

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Dr. P. Goldentyer Education 201 TEACHER INTERVIEW The purpose of this assignment is to enable you to obtain information about the experience of teaching from an experienced teacher working in the area you are considering as a career choice (i.e.- special ed., history, first grade, middle school math, etc.). DIRECTIONS: Your interview should include no more than twelve questions, after you have gathered demographic data. Before you start, be sure to preview Chapter 10, on curriculum. Develop three questions from this chapter that you can use in your interview. The remaining questions may be selected from the list below. Your own concerns and questions are important too, so feel free to incorporate them during your discussion, but always ask open-ended questions (cannot be answered yes or no). If your subject gives very short answers, follow up the question with, “Could you tell me a little more about that?” (This still counts as the same question). It is recommended that you make your last question “Is there anything else I should have asked”, or “is there anything else you think I should know that I did not ask?” WRITING UP THE INTERVIEW: 1. The interview must be word-processed, double spaced, 12 point font and
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TEACHER INTERVIEW rev 03 - D r. P. Goldentyer E ducation...

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