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COMPUTER ASSIGNMENT Dr. P. Goldentyer Extra Credit – due 5/23/02 Go to the Human Genome Project Information website. ( ) . 1. Identify three goals of the Human Genome Project. ( HOME PAGE) 2. What is Pharmacogenomics? What is one anticipated benefit of pharmacogenomics? ( PHARMACOGENOMICS) 3. Identify three goals of the Genomes to Life Program.( GENOMES TO LIFE) 4. How does a person become a genetic counselor? Identify and describe one career opportunity available for genetic counselors? (GENETIC COUNSELING)
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Identify three frequently asked questions.( FAQ) 6. Identify one legal, ethical, or social issue related to the project. What are two questions raised about this particular ethical, legal or social issue? (ETHICAL LEGAL AND SOCIAL ISSUES) 7. How do you think these two ethical, legal or social questions should be answered? Why? All submissions must be word processed, double-spaced and spell and grammar checked. Two points for correct answers 1-6, three points for #7. Thanks to Dr .Lott-Harrison...
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