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PSYCHOLOGY 101 – DR. GOLDENTYER GRADE CALCULATION Your Grade is determined by the number of points you have accumulated. Potentially, if you took advantage of every opportunity, you could have earned these points: Chapter outlines 16x5 = 80 Writing Assignment (Concepts) = 40 Exams - 3x50 = 150 Computer Assignments = 3x5 + 16 (experiments) = 31 Reaction sheets to articles = 5x5 = 25 Brain Game = 15 Social Game = 15 Beginning of term activities = 10 Perfect attendance = 2 Total 368 points. The highest number of points in these classes, to date, before Exam
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Unformatted text preview: 3 is __________ . You have earned, before Exam 3 __________ points. To this will be added your points from Exam 3. The top 10% of scores get and “A”, the next 10% earn a “B”, the next 10% get a “C”, the next 10% get a “D”, and below that fails. Hypothetically, if the highest number of points is 340, everything from 300 up, will earn an “A”. From 299 – 265 earns a “B”; 264 – 230 will earn a “C”; 229 – 195 gets a “D”, and below 195 fails. Have a wonderful life, Dr. Patricia Goldentyer...
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