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MYERS'02 Study Guide Exam 2 P. Goldentyer Ch. 2 Neurons-structure, how they communicate, synapse, neurotransmitters, sensory/motor neurons; nervous system; brain-lobes, divided brains, lateralization (right/left functions). Endocrine system – hormones. Ch. 8 Effortful processing- serial position effect; encoding; imagery-mnemonics, retrieval cues; state dependent/mood congruent memories; encoding failure; interference; motivated forgetting; misinformation/imagination effects Ch. 11 Emotions-theories: James-Lange, Cannon-Bard; Antonomic NS -sympathetic/parasympathetic; anger, happiness/relative deprivation principle; stress- general adaptation syndrome (stages); heart disease; and susceptibility to disease psychophysiological illness; coping with stress Ch. 12 Psychoanalysis- free association, transference, personality structure (id, ego,
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Unformatted text preview: superego); stages of personality development. Defense mechanisms: repression/regression/projection/displacement/reaction formation. Jung-collective unconscious; Maslow-self actualization; Locus of control, Learned helplessness Ch. 13 Defining psychological disorders/DSM4; Anxiety disorders: generalized anxiety disorders, panic disorder, Phobias-obsessive, compulsive. Mood disorders-depression; bi-polar disorder, explaining mood disorders; Schizophrenia - symptoms, types; Dissociation & Multiple Personality Dis. (D.I.D.) Ch. 14 Psychoanalysis-methods, transference, resistance. Systematic Desensitization. Cognitive therapies ; Commonalties among psychotherapies; Placebo effect; Drug therapies-Antipsychotic drugs - side effects; Anti-depressants (Prozac; Lithium); ECT...
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