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Biology Study Tips - Bio-Study Tip 4 Compare notes with a...

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Biology Study Tips Bio-Study Tip 1 Always read the lecture material before the classroom lecture. I know, I know--you don't have time, but believe me, it makes an immense difference. Bio-Study Tip 2 Biology, like most sciences, is hands-on. Most of us learn best when we are actively participating in a "topic." So make sure to pay attention in lab sessions and actually perform the experiments. Remember, you won't be graded on your lab partner's ability to perform an experiment, but your own. Bio-Study Tip 3 Sit in the front of the class. Simple, yet effective. College students, pay close attention. You'll need recommendations one day, so make sure your professor knows you by name and you aren't 1 face in 24.
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Unformatted text preview: Bio-Study Tip 4 Compare notes with a friend. Since much of biology tends to be abstract, have a "note buddy." Each day after class compare notes with your buddy and fill in any gaps. Two heads are better than one! Bio-Study Tip 5 Use the "lull" period between classes to immediately review the biology notes you have just taken. Bio-Study Tip 6 Don't cram! As a rule, you should start studying for biology exams a minimum of two weeks prior to the exam. Bio-Study Tip 7 This tip is very important -- stay awake in class. I've observed too many people snoozing (even snoring!) in the middle of class. Osmosis may work for water absorption, but it won't work when it comes time for biology exams....
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