Cramming - Cramming Cramming is the term used to describe a...

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Cramming Cramming is the term used to describe a long period of intensive studying just before an exam. Some books on "Making It in College" applaud the practice as the best way to get high grades with the least effort. They may be right, and if high grades with least work are all you are after, it might be right for you. Who would benefit from cramming? Students who are taking classes whose content is irrelevant to their future endeavors. Students whose grade-point averages are so low that they must take "fluff" courses to raise it. Unfortunately, this doesn't describe most students who cram. Students who cram are usually: Those who procrastinate Those with little ability to manage time Those with little motivation or direction in their college studies Those who fear that they won't be able to remember information longer than one day Those who like to feel that they are "beating the system" A few college study manuals advocate cramming with the following warning: Cramming is most
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