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Learning to Apply Yourself: How to Study Anatomy and Physiology Study Hints by Jeffrey L. Smith Delgado Community College Studying any subject, especially one as complex as human anatomy and physiology, is not a hit- or-miss proposition. There are systematic habits and skills that can be developed to increase the efficiency of the studying process. Some of these are the following: Make sure that you choose a suitable place for study. A comfortable desk or chair with good, over-the shoulder lighting is ideal. A flat surface is useful to have—a desk or table top of comfortable height will do nicely. There should not be a lot of distractions in your study area. Loud talking, televisions, and blaring radios distract from the learning process. Establish a regular schedule of study. You should set aside 30 to 60 minutes each day for study. This is far better than trying to study for three hours at a stretch on one or two days of the week. Neural synapses fatigue when used continuously for extended periods of
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