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Correlation When one trait or behavior accompanies another, we say the two correlate. Correlation coefficient is a statistical measure of the relationship between two variables. Positive correlation, negative (inverse) correlation, zero correlation +/- indicates direction of relationship (positive or negative) Coefficient indicates strength of relationship (also predictive value. Higher coefficient higher predictive value, lower coefficient lower predictive value) Exploring cause and effect Many factors influence our behavior. Experiments (1) manipulate factors that interest us, while other factors are kept under (2) control Effects generated by manipulated factors isolate cause and effect relationships. Independent variable(cause, way I measure)- control manipulate
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Unformatted text preview: Dependent variable(effect, measuring)- depends on the manipulate of indep. Var. Experimental group treatment Control group- comparison group Research method called experimental Evaluating therapies Double-blind procedure In evaluating drug therapies, patients and experimenters assistants should remain unaware of which patients had the real treatment and which patients had the placebo treatment. Single blind- experimenter is aware of real treatment but patients are not Random assignment- assigning participants to experimental (breast-fed) and control (formula-fed) conditions by random assignment minimizes pre-existing differences between the two groups....
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