history notes 9-2 - Social gospel Protestant ethic Labor...

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Dilemma of native America Dawes act 1887 Reservations Assimilation- yes or no? Legacy of west Romantic part of American folk love Pattern of non-sustainable economic activity Still growing The gilded age Def. gold on the outside, but base metal on the inside Roughly the period from 1865-1900 New technology-telephone, typewriter, adding machine, light bulbs, electric generation and delivery systems, flush toilets, skyscrapers Steel-bessemer process Railroads Petroleum 14 th amendment New philosophies Social Darwinism Gospel of wealth
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Unformatted text preview: Social gospel Protestant ethic Labor • Immigration • Low wages • Women and children • Accidents • Organization attempt o Knights of labor o American federation of labor o Wobblies o Strikes Politics • Corruption • Machine politics • Bosses-corrupt but provided services • Upper classes avoided political office Consumerism and entertainment • Department stores • Mail order houses • Familiar brands- Campbell soup, Kellogg cereal, graham crackers • Professional sports • Amusement parks...
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history notes 9-2 - Social gospel Protestant ethic Labor...

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