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Ben Quach Business Law vocabulary Chap 2 Sarbanes- oxley- a federal statue that placed an onus on upper management to monitor closely the financial dealings and disclosures of their firms and that established a board to oversee accounting practices in the united states. Ethics – the philosophical study of what is right and wrong. Morals- beliefs about behavior as judged by society. Values – beliefs or standards considered worthwhile, and from which a society derives its moral rules. Culture- the set of shared attitudes,values, goals, and practices that characterize a social, racial, religious,
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Unformatted text preview: or corporate group. Subculture- an ethnic, economic, regional, religious, or social group with attitudes or behaviors that distinguish it from others within a larger culture. Code of ethics – a set of rules that a company or other group adopts to express principles of ethical behavior that are expected of its personnel. Whistleblower- an employee who discloses to the government, media or upper mangement that the company is involved in wrongful activities....
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