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Ben Quach Business Law vocabulary Chap 4 Defamation - the harming of a person reputation and good name by the communication of a false statement. Libel – the spreading of damaging statements in written form, including pictures, cartoons, and effigies. Slander – the spreading of damaging words or ideas about a person. Trade libel- defamation that deals with an individual’s title to property or to the quality or conduct of a business. Nuisance – an unlawful interference with the enjoyment of life or property. Conversion – the wrongful exercise of dominion and control over another’s personal property. Negligence – the failure to exercise necessary care to protect others from unreasonable risk of harm.
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Unformatted text preview: Reasonable person a completely fictitious individual who is assumed to have the judgment and skill one would expect from a person with the strengths and limitations of the person whose behavior is being judged. Vicarious negligence- charging a negligent act of one person to another. liable- being judged legally responsible. Vicarious liability the concept of laying responsibility or blame upon one person for the actions of another. Strict liability- the doctrine under which persons may be liable for injuries to others whether or not they have been negligent or committed an intention tort....
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