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Ben Quach Business Law practice questions Neto learned that Quan, his neighbor, intended to sell his powerboat. Neto left a note in Quan’s mailbox stating that he wanted to buy the boat and he would pay a “fair price.” A few days later, Quan sold the boat to someone else for a higher price than Neto would have been willing to pay. a) Does Neto have a legal course of action against Quan? No b) Is there anything illegal about this case? No c) Can Quan safely ignore Netos offer because it lacked certainty and definiteness? Yes d) If Neto had specified a price he was willing to pay, would Quan have been obligated to
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Unformatted text preview: accept it? No Redmond offered to sell Goosen her used car for 6,000. Goosen could not make up his mind and, finally, after five months, told Redmond that he would accept her offer. a) Goosen can accept Redmonds offer even though five months have passed. No b) Goosen cannot accept Redmond’s offer due to the doctrine of revocation. No c) Redmond could have required that the offer be accepted within three days. Yes d) Goosens statement after five months that he wanted to purchase the car for 6,000 is an offer by him that may be accepted by Redmond if she so chooses. Yes...
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