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2nd reaction paper - to Mursili One important thing to...

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September 17, 2010 Reaction Paper Question 3 In the age of Mursili it seems that warfare is very cruel and that it is used as diplomacy as well. In the centuries form the Annals, Mursili had to prove he was worthy of being king through warfare and by conquering those that challenged him. During the age of Mursili, it seemed from the Annals, that there was not that much diplomacy because of all the conquering that occurred. It seemed that the only form of diplomacy was conquering, that was the only way to negotiate and get peace. During this time rulers used the number of troops and chariots they had as way to intimidate their enemies into surrendering, this was used against Mursili when his brother had died and the other rulers didn’t think he would make a good ruler. From the readings of the Annals it seemed that warfare was used every time that another city or people rebelled against the more powerful city or empire of the time. This also happened if any of the cities were hostile
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Unformatted text preview: to Mursili. One important thing to learn about warfare during this time is that took civilian captives, cattle, and sheep, and carried it back to Hattusa, the most powerful city of the time. This occurred to almost every city that went against Mursili or Hattusa. During warfare against the Kaskans, Mursili attacked the principle lands of Kaskans which were the cities of Halila and Dudduska, attacking the main lands seemed to be a tactic during times of warfare. Not only did they attack the main cities but at times they also burned the cities to the ground to weaken them and show them that they are more powerful and have more troops. Much of this warfare was controlled by the king and his son; it seems that they did the conquering together. The gods also played an important part during war time, in almost every city conquered, Mursili mentioned how the gods were behind and helped him. Overall there seemed to be more warfare and conquering going on during this time than diplomacy....
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2nd reaction paper - to Mursili One important thing to...

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