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302F-Homework 1 Instructions-1 - MIS 302F, Fall 2011...

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MIS 302F, Fall 2011 Homework 1 Overview: In this assignment, you will complete an analysis of a company and its related industry. Your analysis will include an assessment of the industry structure model, business model, competitive strategy model, and process definitions based on the Value Chain Model. You must complete the above analysis for one of the following four companies: H&M, BMW, Best Buy, or Whataburger . You may pick whichever company for which you are interested, but you will need to do some independent research and study into their company to complete this assignment. You may NOT pick any other company than one of the four listed above. Assignment Instructions: This assignment is worth up to 25 points. It is an individual assignment. Your review, assessment, analysis, and response must be your own. You will complete this assignment using the MS Word template provided on page 2. You must upload and submit your MS Word document on Blackboard BEFORE 10:59am on Tuesday, Sept 13 . That gives you approximately one week to complete this assignment. Late assignments will not be accepted. To start on your homework, use the template on the next page. Save it as a single page and replace the “help” text in the template with your work. Include your name, UTeID, and section in the box provided. Name your file based on the following naming convention, LastnameFirstname-eid-HW1.docx”. If I were to use this naming convention, for example, my file would be named “TuttleClint-tuttlejc-HW1.docx.” There is also an example of a completed assignment based on Blackboard, the company that you may use as a guide. Blackboard Instructions:
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302F-Homework 1 Instructions-1 - MIS 302F, Fall 2011...

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