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5 Senses Smell Touch Sound Taste Sight Family Quality Variety Special Occasion I like to see everything organized Every section is separated Easy to find your way around the store I do not feel overwhelmed Store looks pretty Nicely decorated, pleasant to see I like to see all the displays Like that the store looks clean Makes me feel save to try on clothes If the store looks clean I want to stay there longer They are very well organized I like the way they set out all the shoes for people to see them I like to see the displays because it gives me ideas as to how to match or make new outfits I like their big dressing rooms I can see what I try on much better Department stores always seem to have music playing I like that they have different music playing Music varies depending on each section of the store In juniors they have hip and modern music Makes me feel good, because I like that kind of music It reminds me of going out with my friends Puts me in a holiday spirit I love that they play Christmas music right after Thanksgiving In other sections they play other music that I also like The music relaxes me
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