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Homework 2 February 19, 2010 1. According to the last class lecture, the smaller the BH the faster it loses mass, so it seems that they disappear. Therefore, the Earth will not be destroyed by a black hole created in the LHC experiment because the black holes created are too small and lose mass almost immediately after being created. There is also the theory of Hawking Radiation which is a process that reduces the mass of the black hole and is therefore also known as black hole evaporation , which also could explain why black holes created in the LHC experiment would not destroy the Earth. 2. When giant and supergiant stars run out of fuel entirely they ultimately eject the outer layer, leaving behind a “dead” core in which all nuclear fusion has ceased. White dwarfs are what are left of former giants. What prevents a white dwarf from collapsing to a neutron star is its temperature and the electron degeneracy. For a sufficiently massive star, an iron core is formed and still the gravitational
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