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Biology for Business - Greed and fear(1(4)=decision procen...

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Biology for Business/ Law/ and Liberal Arts Notes (09/04/08) How is it that there can be people that sure that something is true and some people that think that same thing is false Observation of your responses 1. Lots of agreements on some (vaccines, smoking drunk driving) 2. Lots of disagreement on other (some slightly bimodal) often ‘population uncertainty’ but considerable individual certainty 3. Strong consensus uncertainty rare (irradiated foods) 4. Similar across years. How do we arrive to a decision? -outside influences Media Friends General awareness Experience Bases for decisions 1. Evidence: your experience with issue and knowledge of other evidence Vaccines Lung cancer Penicillin?
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Drunk driving 2. Views of others Media Friends (trust of the source is important) 3. World view compatibility- does it fit with what you know that is not directed related to the evidence Include religion, culture 4. Emotional appeal Urban legends Conspiracy theory
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Unformatted text preview: Greed and fear (1)-(4)=decision procen Disagreement can attributed to different in (1)-(4) in the process they are using to reach a decision. Society tends to go with (1) Do scientist all agree on mattres? No way. But scientist use same critieria, and as evidence pours in, sonsinsus energy Uncertainity- is acceptable 3 views of uncertainity 1. Uncertainity reflects a lash of understainding the issue (e.g., the weather next week) 2. Uncertainty reflects an understainding of the issues and is most appropriate responses (will the coin come up heads) 3. Uncertainity due to conflict between opposing evidence (some evidence points me way, other eveidence points something else) How does the lamp work? Guess test, result 1. My touching it complete an electrical circuit touch insulated cord, switch works 2. Heat/ warmth lighter, no change 3. Vibration chalk , no change 4. Force sandals, no? 5....
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Biology for Business - Greed and fear(1(4)=decision procen...

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