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There are four main areas where the federal government limits corporate speech in ways relevant to public relations. We’re going to look at the portions of these laws that apply to work in the public relations field. For each I’ve provided an explanation of the act, definitions of key terms and a summary of main points. 1. Political elections Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 - this act was designed to prevent corporations from having undue influence over the political system in the U.S. The act focuses on three areas: 1. Soft Money Prohibition: Soft money is money given to a political party as a whole. Hard money is money given to a specific candidate. Hard money contributions had been heavily regulated for some time. There are limits on how much can be given and how records of those donations must be kept. This regulation is in place to prevent corruption and the appearance of corruption. Because hard money contributions were so heavily regulated, soft money contributions became the loophole: If you can’t give any more money to your candidate, give the money to his political party who will give the money to him. This portion of the law attempts to close the loop hole. Main point: Corporations can’t give money to, or spend money on behalf of a national political party or Leadership PACs. (Leadership Political Action Committees are nonprofit groups set up by federal candidates or office holders to raise funds on their behalf). Corporations can still contribute to state and local organizations as permitted by state law. 2. Contribution Limits: The act also defined very specific limits for contributions made to candidates and political parties by individuals. 3.
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Legal%20Considerations%20Cheat%20Sheet - There are four...

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