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Then, when he had given that answer, immediately he was bidding those to whom it had been assigned to do that find out the oldest of Pythius’ sons and cut him through his middle and, when they had performed the cutting through, set out the cut halves, one on the right part of the way and one on the left, and there the army go through and out. So, when they had come to be in Abydos, Xerxes wished to see for himself the whole army. In fact, because there was made beforehand on a hill purposely for him there a seat out and forward of white stone (and the Abydenians were the makers, the king having made the injunction previously), there, when he was sitting, looking down on the shore, he was beholding both the foot and the ships and, beholding, desired to see for himself a contest of the ships’ being made.
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Unformatted text preview: And when it had been made and the Sidonian Phoenicians were the winners, he took pleasure in the contest and the host. thereupon Xerxes thought himself blessed and after that wept DISCUSSION: How does the author get this “inside” the dialogue of the enemy Persian??? It is said that Leonidas himself sent away the troops who departed, because he tendered their safety, but thought it unseemly that either he or his Spartans should quit the post which they had been especially sent to guard. For my own part, I incline to think that Leonidas gave the order, because he perceived the allies to be out of heart and unwilling to encounter the danger to which his own mind was made up. Separates his view from historical...
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