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Sejin Chun 1/28/2011 Person Number 35371701 HW.1 1. Why does Pentheus offer state Yes,for that I’d pay in gold-and pay a lot in reference to Dionysus offer to gaze at women at the mountains? 2. Why couldn’t Agave see her son’s head instead of the lions? Question: Why does Pentheus primps? In my opinion I think Pentheus primps because I think he wanted to see the women. Pentheus knew of the orgies and the rituals that Dionysus’s servants performed and I think he was interested in trying to see the women. For example in relation to the movie “White Chicks” with the Waynes Brothers , the brothers dress up as women and they find themselves in situations where they see women doing sexual things
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Unformatted text preview: that will probably be of interested to men. Comparing to Pentheus I think he wanted to primp which also means to clean up and groom elaborately because he wanted to fit in and see the women do the rituals and the orgies. He states when talking to Dionysus that yes for that (gazing upon women on mountains) id pay in gold and pay a lot which clearly shows that he is somewhat sexually driven to see them. Pentheus also states that I can picture them now in the woods going at it like rutting birds, clutching each other as the make sweet love which also shows his interest in watching the women have sex....
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