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Study Guide Test 4

Study Guide Test 4 - Study Guide 4 Chapters 6 7 1 Tap Jazz...

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1. Tap, Jazz, Theater & Film Dance are all American originals 2. Tap dance comes from what two very different folk dance traditions: African, British Isles 3. In the early 1800s, lively dances of England, Scotland & Ireland appeared in American theatrical entertainments; by the 1830s, white American performers also were imitating dances of __African Americans__ 3. The first original American theatrical form was the all-male _minstrel shows_. 4. All the performers sat on stage, getting up to present A. specialty songs B. dances C. comedy routines 5. What did the white and black performers apply to their faces as make-up? Burnt cork 6. The finale of the show was the __cakewalk__ with audience participation! 7. William Henry Lane, also known as _Master Juba_, was a free-born black man who was known as the “greatest dancer in the world” and who performed for kings & queens in the 1840s. 8. His famous step, the giouba, influenced what dance a hundred years later? Charleston 9. After the Civil War, who became competitors in show business? Black minstrel shows and white groups 10. What was an easy-going style of tap dance – movement more important than tap sounds. Soft shoe tap 11. Early in the 20 th century, these shows gave way to _vaudeville_ shows, variety shows that included _female__ and _child_ performers. 12. Who were 3 important performers of the Vaudeville circuits who later became stars in Broadway revues, nightclubs and films? Bill Bojangles Robinson, Fred Astaire, Josephine Baker 13. What innovative music form came out of New Orleans as the precursor of jazz? ragtime 14. Who was the black man responsible for creating the first all-black hit Broadway show? Eubie Blake
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15. Who was his white counter-part? Florenz Ziegfeld Hollywood films 17. What director/choreographer used hundreds of dancers in elaborate settings & Busby Berkeley, imaginative floor patterns shot from overhead 18. Who was the dignified black man holding hands dancing with a little white girl in several films of the 1930s? Bill Bojangles Robinson 19. What is the little girl’s name? Shirley Temple 20. The best of the flash tappers, first African-American team to get a Hollywood contract (MGM) were the __Nicholas_ brothers. 21. Smooth, elegant couple dancing, meticulously rehearsed, these famous partners combined tap and ballroom. What are their names? Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers 22. Jazz dance was born through white ballet choreographer George Balanchine and black rhythm tap choreographer Herbie Harper. What was the name of their show? Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
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Study Guide Test 4 - Study Guide 4 Chapters 6 7 1 Tap Jazz...

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