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1. Two driving desires for a change of direction for dance in the 20 th century were: 1. To return to expressive motivation and personal vision 2. 2. What influences an artist besides one’s individual impulse to express inner thought and feeling through movement? Asthetics , environment, events, spiritual/philosophical/religious/pol/social issues in the larger world around them; compelled to comment about outer world through work 3. 4. What did Delsarte & Dalcroze , nineteenth century European movement theorists, pioneer? New methods of understanding human movement; 5. Rudolf von Laban devised systems of _analyzing_ and ___notating__ dance and all movement - still in use today! 6. Mary Wigman ’s works dealt with struggle between conflicting powers. Sometimes she used masks. What were her two innovative uses of music? Performed some of her dances in silence or to music created after choreography 7. Her student, Hanya Holm , opened a Wigman school in NYC, and became the first modern dancer to successfully choreograph for what other genre? Broadway musicals 8. The Mother of Modern Dance, ______Isadora Duncan__________, received her inspiration from nature, inside herself and ancient Greek art. Her reasons for dancing were ____spiritual________________ and ____emotional___ 9. What kinds of music did she choose for training & performance? Finest symphonies and classical works; simple Greek tunic and bare feet, plain curtains, sometimes outside 10. Two other American pioneers of the modern dance movement were _Ruth St. Denis____ & _______Ted Shawn____. They felt that this country was lacking way to teach the integration of body and spirit the way they had observed of Indian, Japanese, and other Asian dance forms and so founded a school in California, called:___Denishawn___. 11. After their partnership ended, how did they continue to influence dance in America? She became a spokesperson for liturgical dance and a choreographer for movement choirs He continued as a teacher, author, and founder of the first men’s company of dancers in America- “Jacob’s pillow” 12. The most illustrious graduates of their school were: 1 . Martha Graham 13. Martha Graham devised a system of muscular tension & relaxation known as___contraction___and ____release__. 14.
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StudyGuide Test 3 - 1 Study Guide for Test#3 The...

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