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IE 248 - A I 7 1 L<.00 X~< a a'OG ~ II a a 2.83 Ll,~ q...

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Unformatted text preview: A. /' I 7 1 L-- \ \<..00 X~ \<.\ . ( / a a / \ 'OG ~ II' a a 2.83 Ll) ,~ q 7.00 )) IcJ r-, p C"'. tJ 5.00 L a a ~ All chamfer and fillets have distance of O.I". All fillets have a radius of 0.1" unless otherwise noted. 1-----+----1 -----If----i r I 1----1----1 ,-----------i----+-----1 PROPtUETARY AND CONADENtlAl THE INfORMATION e<::NTAlNED IN THIS , ----1----1 DRAWING ISTHE SOlE PROPERTY OF r<INSERT COMPANY NAME HERE>. ANY REPRODUCllON IN PART OR AS A WHOlE NEXT ASSY USED ON WITHOJT THE WRITTEN PERMISSION Of <lNSERT COMPANY MANE HERE> IS APPLK::A Tl()N PRQHIBITB). DIMENSIONS NAME ARE IN INCHES TOLERANCES: FRACllONAl± ANGULAR: MACH! BEND TWO PLACE DECIMAL ± THREE PLACE DECIMAL ± D'''' SolldWorl<s Assignment DOAWN ± MATeRIAl I----.j----+;;;;;;;;-----------j FmlSH #1 CHEC~EO ENG APPR. MfG "?PR. QA. f-'C==c'------'----I COMMHITS: SIZE DWG. NO. A DO NOT SCAlE DRAWING SCAl£:I:5 WElGliT: SHEET 1 OF I ...
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