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lecture 12-6-10 - 6/12/10 Parliamentary- responsible to...

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6/12/10 Parliamentary- responsible to people but is a unitary system o Not the same checks and balances What about norms? o Norms might be fascist or communist or Islamic or fundamentalist o There would be a different structure even if they are similarly organized to other society o What norms are informing various government structures? Norms inform all relationships Norms of Global Governance Sovereignty: rights of states o A way of saying; “in your domestic affairs you the states can do whatever you want to do” o Guaranteed the rights of monarchs to do what they want domestically as long as they all respected each other internationally Civil Rights: rights of citizens o Individuals have rights which are independent of the government o Government is created to protect civil rights o Only in your own state You did not have rights as an international citizen Human Rights: rights of human beings (responsibility to protect) o Must be respected across all countries irrespective of political ideologies r characteristics of their government o Must be respected by the leaders of each state o Has taken on notion of responsibility of governments to protect Sovereign govs cannot do whatever they want with respect to their citizens
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They have responsibility to protect human beings in their society from certain basic catastrophes: rape, murder, starvation, genocide to name a few Perhaps the international government has right to intervene to protect state’s people Fundamental shift UN Human Rights Regime Human Rights Commission (after 2006, Council) Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 o Non- binding covenant International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) 1966 o Human rights became codified which had the binding force of law o China has not signed onto political and civil rights
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lecture 12-6-10 - 6/12/10 Parliamentary- responsible to...

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