lecture 12-8-10 LAST LECTUREEEEE

lecture 12-8-10 LAST LECTUREEEEE - not fight because then...

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12/8/10 Lecture 26: DEMOCRATIC PEACE: Perspectives and Levels of Analysis Democratic Peace Reasearch Spread of Democracy Cause of Peace? o Is it identity or power driving it? Low number of cases o Until 1945 there are maybe 12 democracies Definitions of Democracy and War o If you manuplate these definitions make democracy less demanding you make there be a lot more democratic countries Strong and weak democracies o War is normally defined in a struggle where x amount of people die on battlefield If you want to make more wars you lower the required numbers Reliable Correlations Correlations are not causes How do causal arrows run? o EXTREMELY IMPORTANT Various Causes/Perspectives Nature of democracy: Identity o Probably from domestic level of analysis o If your data suggests democracy is more peaceful in all countries your data must come from domestic analysis Trade and international organizations: Liberal o They start to trade with each other and get involved with each other and they start to
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Unformatted text preview: not fight because then its just not worth it Alliances: Realist o For much of post war period they have been allied against soviet union They wont fight each other because theyre allied Imperialism: Critical theory o Notion this is all a function of the power and ideological hegemony in the western world We are locked into a way of thinking Due to What Aspects of Democracy Institutions (electoral democracy) o Contested elections Modified Democratic Peace Strong democracies do not fight Stronger and weaker democracies may fight: Us- Britain in War of 1812 o One is strong and one is weak and this my cause aggression Weak democracies may fight: Greece- Turkey today Democracies fight non-democracies: U.S.- Iraq o Clearly doesnt hold in case of democratic non-democratic o May hold if democratic and non fight less than non and non What Perspective and LOA? Go back and try to guess which one is which...
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lecture 12-8-10 LAST LECTUREEEEE - not fight because then...

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