Lecture 22 11-22-10

Lecture 22 11-22-10 - He was drafted as a young man in...

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11/22/10 Lecture 22: Development in Sub-Sahara Africa (SSA) and Middle East/North Africa (MENA) 40% of the people live off of less than a dollar a day 165 borders 6 with less than 1 million people Many are land locked (13 countries) Nigeria is the biggest- 140 billion people (30% of the population of the continent) o Then Ethiopia (65 million) then DROC (55 million) South Africa is the only successful country in SSA 2000 tribes 750 languages o Not many are ethnically homogeneous Sub- Saharan Africa (600mm.) Security Order- international and external stability o Very unstable o Entire continent except for Liberia and Ethiopia were colonized o Civil wars all across Africa Still have ongoing problems Genocide in Rwanda (1990s even today) o Western Africa (sierra Leonne, Liberia, Senegal)- Series of Civil wars Left terrible scars “Ishmael Beal”- Required reading
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Unformatted text preview: He was drafted as a young man in Sierra Leone into the war As a child soldier o They were requited, drugged etc o Opening of global markets and world after world war/cold war was better externally for SSA Domestic Policies- Savings decline External policies- export decline Governance/Cultural Aspects o Discrimination against Women o Brain Drain North Africa and Middle East (300 m) Security order- outside intervention o Turkey, Iran and Egypt most populated o Better off than SSA because of resources What happens when the boom busts o Imports most of its labour- educates people to do their own work higher shit o Create exchange rate- trying to diversify into exports More balance when oil busts Domestic policies- state run External Policies- resource curse Governance/cultural o Youth bulge...
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Lecture 22 11-22-10 - He was drafted as a young man in...

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